The Berry Bracket makes lighting design easier by giving you the ability to install your Ultra Thin LED light fixtures virtually anywhere. Get exact light placement with a sleek look that recessed cans cannot offer.

A couple of years ago I had a customer that wanted to use LED lights throughout their house. We decided to use 6 inch Ultra Thin LED lights and this was my first experience with these particular lights. I realized I needed something for the rough-in process, some type of bracket. I began searching for brackets that I could purchase and use with these lights. I found nothing. So I decided that I would make my own. I designed a prototype that functioned much like the current design. I used over 160 of these brackets in the custom house I was wiring. I was blown away with how easy they were to install and the fact that you could have framing in the middle of your light and it didn't matter. We are all familiar with the extreme limitations of recessed cans and for years it was tolerated. Finally you can install lights virtually anywhere you desire. I love the Berry Bracket, not just because I invented it, but because it works. Once you use it, you'll be a believer.


It truly is your solution to Ultra Thin LED installation. 


                                                                    -Joshua Berry

Joshua Berry

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