Easy mount slots enable unique placement.

The Berry Bracket is your solution to Ultra Thin LED installation. Get exact light placement with a sleek look that recessed cans cannot offer. 

Why LED?









Insulation applied right over the light

LED lights won't overheat

Using LED lighting will save $$ on energy bills

Ultra thin LEDs can be installed virtually 


Flat design makes for easy installation

The Berry Bracket is easily mounted on this 45 degree angle coffered ceiling. Thanks to the sleek design of the Berry Bracket, the homeowner was able to install all the lights exactly where desired. 

The Berry Bracket is easily installed in close proximity to a smoke detector. With the adjustable center knockout you can mount the Berry Bracket and then adjust it to where you need it.

Unique Applications



  • Adjustable center knockout with pinhole

  • 26 inch overall length

  • Easy mount slots

  • Made in the USA

  • Patent Pending

  • 6 inch brackets always in stock

  • Any size available upon request


Berry Products LLC


Fayetteville, AR

The Berry Bracket's versatility allows placement next to an HVAC register.

Why you need the Berry Bracket

Installing Ultra Thin LED lighting without the Berry Bracket will create more work for you. Without the Berry Bracket you must measure out your lights twice; once when you're configuring your overall lighting design, and then again  after the sheetrock is installed. Once you have found your wiring behind the sheetrock you must then cut holes in the ceiling (hoping not to hit anything) to install your lights, leaving a huge mess in your nearly finished trimmed out house. The Berry Bracket eliminates all that extra work. You measure out your lights once, install the bracket, wait for sheetrock to be installed (the Berry Bracket's center knockout lets the sheetrockers know where to make the cut), then just pop in your Ultra Thin LED and you're done! Overall, the benefits of using Ultra Thin LEDs with the Berry Bracket greatly outweigh recessed incandescent lighting using cans. Once you make the switch you will never go back.